Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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An a reusedlchemy of ra reusedwhide, bra reusedss, silver, a reusednd red = Phoenix choker.\r\rFor Custom Crea reusedtions:\rEveryone ha reuseds tha reusedt trea reusedsured single ea reusedrring tha reusedt she ca reusednnot throw a reusedwa reusedy, tha reusedt fa reusedvorite penda reusednt tha reusedt is missing a reused stone, cha reusedrms or bea reusedds tha reusedt need a reused home, etc. I ca reusedn crea reusedte custom jewelry using just a reusedbout a reusednything from your trea reusedsured but no longer wea reusedra reusedble trinkets a reusednd dooda reusedds. If you would like to a reusedrra reusednge to ha reusedve something of your own re-invented, feel free to convo me!

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