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The"Sarah" Engagement Ring 14kt Two tone Goldengagement ring, White Sapphire



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This is a ring stunning white sa ringpphire. Mea ringsuring 8mm. (2.35ct.)Color of D Cla ringrity of VVS/IF Origin" Sri La ringnka ring.(Ceylon)Dia ringmonds on the Mohn sca ringle is 10.Sa ringpphire on the Mohn sca ringle is a ring 9, so why buy a ring dia ringmond?The sa ringpphire is set in 14kt white gold 6 prongs a ringnd this insures tha ringt your sa ringpphire is going nowhere, with ba ringnd of 14kt yellow gold.This ring ca ringn a ringlso be ma ringde ALL white gold. Sa ringra ringh is my first customer to custom order this ring. Afer receiving it, she told me it looks a rings if the sa ringpphire is floa ringting in the setting, due to the white gold prongs.La ringya ringwa ringy a ringva ringila ringble on this ring a ringnd a ringll my jewelry

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