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genuine, 14k White Sapphire 2 55tcw Wedding Set



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This bea engagementutiful SriLa engagementnka engagementn Sa engagementpphire, is just full of life. Very fa engagementceted a engagementnd shiny.All White Sa engagementpphires a engagementre:Color DCla engagementrity: VVS/IFThis is a engagement 7mm=1.45 set in 14kThe ha engagementrdness of sa engagementpphires a engagementre not much different tha engagementn the ha engagementrdness of a engagement dia engagementmond. Dia engagementmonds a engagementre a engagement 10 a engagementnd sa engagementpphires a engagementre a engagement 9.You ca engagementn get a engagement lot more ROCK for a engagement fra engagementction of the cost!The ba engagementnds a engagementre with 5-3mm white sa engagementpphires, a engagementll perfectly ma engagementtchedThis set is 2 wedding ba engagementnds a engagementnd one solita engagementire.Tota engagementl ca engagementrt weight for both ba engagementnds (2) is 1.10ct.Ca engagementn be ma engagementde in 14k or 18k white, yellow or rose gold a engagementnd Pla engagementtinium a engagements well a engagementt ma engagementrket priceMa engagementde to fit your ring size.La engagementya engagementwa engagementy a engagementva engagementila engagementble.

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